Our Services

Our Services


At Maple Aviaton Logistics Limited (MALL), we offer business executives, families and individuals who regularly travel on private aircrafts & helicopters, the service, luxury and convenience of flying privately without needing their own private jet.

MALL delivers quality, consistency and the highest level of professionalism to our clients in order to maximize the advantage of our extensive domestic and international network. For our Operations we use a 'state of the art' computer booking system to locate the optimal aircraft & helicopter for your specific travel needs and budget.

Lets enhance your travel experience by hiring your very own Private Jet or helicopter for the day. Let us whisk you away to your chosen destination avoiding those inevitable delays at the Airport.

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Do Charter clients pay for fuel?

Our Charter quotes include all fuel costs

How am I billed?

Charter clients  are billed for time when they are occupying the aircraft from wheels up to wheels down. There will also be six minutes added for taxi on takeoff and six minutes added for taxi on landing.

This is a standard adjustment even if actual taxi time is longer than six minutes

Is same day use of aircraft schedule?

Yes,  Charter clients  may schedule  aircraft use for  the same day however  availability is not guaranteed . We recommened that our client give us 2- 4 hours notice .


The Bell 309


The Bell 309 is a utility helicopter that reliably performs in the most extreme climates on the planet every day. Its expansive cabin can be configured to accommodate either cargo or personnel. Its wide opening 7.7 foot doors accommodate forklift loading into a 220 cubic foot cabin. It seats 13 passengers and 2 crew in a cabin adaptable for any mission.

Bombardier Challenger 300


Bombardier Challenger 300 is a super-mid-sized jet capable of traversing transcontinental flights.

A true executive office for the skies, it is the definitive, super-midsize Corporate jet and the first clean sheet design to satisfy customer needsUnmet by any other aircraft.

Hawker 900XP


A midsize jet with range and comfort ideal for business use, only a Few aircraft can match the Hawker 900XP combination of comfort, cabin size, and speed. One of the most popular business jets in its class, it’s often likened to a spacious conference room in the sky.